Vice President, Business Development

About Wintellect

Wintellect was founded by a group of technology experts renowned in the industry.  From the beginning, our goal has been to provide the highest level of software development, architecture, cloud and training expertise to help our customers build better software, faster.  Over the last 15 years we have become known in the industry for hiring the best and solving the most challenging technology problems.

Wintellect is a technology company run by technology enthusiasts.  We are proud of the strength of our technical team which is composed of Microsoft MVPs, a Microsoft Regional Director and multiple software thought leaders - our founders alone have published 30 books.  Over the last twelve months we have been investing in the growth and expansion of our business bringing on additional leadership to scale.  With this investment, we are looking for a new Vice President of Business development to join the team.

When will I start?

Finding the right person is more important than getting someone quickly.  That said, we are eager to expand the team - the sooner the better. 

Who will I report to?  Where will this position be located?

This role will report directly to our President, Charles Snellgrove.  Ideally this individual will be based in Atlanta or Chicago.  For exceptional candidates, we are open to having this position be remote.

Who will report to me?

While this individual will largely be an individual contributor, our entire team is dedicated to growth including the President, CEO and founders.  Our expectation is that this person will work closely with those leaders and technical teams to develop a deep understanding of the business and leverage that knowledge to build their book of business.  The right individual will see massive growth potential, seize the opportunity and demonstrate the value of expanding the sales team. 

What will I do?

We take pride in delighting our clients – our reputation for best in class delivery along with our close relationship with our biggest channel partner, Microsoft, has given us the ability to build a great client roster.  This hire represents our desire to invest in the future and continue to build a world class sales team.  We have two major sides to our business – custom consulting and training.  This role will focus on engaging with channel partners, previous clients and new clients to expand our consulting business.  We have a pretty bright team, when clients ask us what we can do, our first response is “tell us what you need.”  That said, we have become known for our focus on five core areas: 

  • Custom application development including mobile app development

  • Application modernization

  • DevOps services

  • Azure implementation, migration, and optimization

  • Advanced data analytics and data platform development

The above represent core areas that this individual will focus on for business development.  Their success in the role will depend on three key things.  First, they will need to build their knowledge of our business and develop a strong pipeline.  We expect this person to understand and be able to clearly articulate our core capabilities quickly.  They should know our success stories, be able to leverage them when talking to clients, and build a robust pipeline.  Good news!  This individual should have a pretty quick path to making it happen – we run training programs that educate the next generation of software leaders – to date we haven’t pursued deeper relationships with these clients.  Additionally, we have a sizable roster of former consulting clients and channel partners who love the work we do – we should be reaching out more and engaging deeper.

Second, within the first six months, this individual will leverage the relationships they have built with existing clients, channel partners and net new clients to make a tangible impact on our topline bookings.  Once fully ramped up, we expect this individual to generate $3M in business annually.  For this role, we aren’t making a distinction between “hunting” and “farming.”  We would like this individual to go after pure new business but be equally engaged over the long term.  They should enjoy building ongoing relationships with clients to grow revenue. 

Last, this individual ’s success will depend on their ability to build internal credibility and demonstrate leadership.  They should work to quickly develop relationships with senior leaders, founders and technical staff by showing that they can independently approach the sales process and truly own new business opportunities.  This means developing their base of technical knowledge to establish credibility with clients and being judicious when bringing in experts to close a deal.  Credibility will also depend on their ability to manage the details – they should be able to leverage our CRM to manage up and educate the broader team on new business opportunities.

 What are the requirements?

It’s not a short list but we want to get it right.  From a cultural perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Be an honest, direct, clear communicator who genuinely enjoys building relationships with their co-workers.

  • Be trustworthy and highly ethical.  They will like to win but won’t compromise ethics to get a sale.  They will place the values of Wintellect and their long-term reputation above any immediate gain.

  • Be, at their core, entrepreneurial, demonstrating the ability to be adaptable and happy in a high growth, fast changing environment. 

  • Be genuinely interested in the type of work we focus on.  The right person will be intellectually curious and leverage that curiosity to pursue additional training and knowledge in areas that matter most to our clients.

  • Be comfortable owning their professional development path having demonstrated the ability to independently gather information and ask for others time and expertise to deepen their own knowledge.

  • Be comfortable in an environment where they will be able to “write the playbook” for sales.  The right person will not need a standard approach or a single product to be successful and will enjoy establishing clarity when presented with ambiguity.

  • Be comfortable as an individual contributor and demonstrate a strategic approach to leveraging leadership team members to drive sales.  They will know when to bring in the “big guns” to close a massive opportunity.

From a technical perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Have experience scoping, proposing and closing deals for project work in a few or several of the following areas: Custom application development, application modernization, DevOps services, Azure implementation, Azure migration, Azure optimization, mobile app development, data analytics and data platform development.

  • Have a successful track record of new business development in a services or consulting environment. 

  • Be able to prove the above with clear metrics. They should be able to recall the last couple of years of their personal sales targets and achievement to target. 

  • Have shown the ability to get creative with internal, highly technical, stakeholders in order to meet the needs of clients and drive bookings.

  • Ideally, come with previous knowledge of the inner workings of the ecosystem of our biggest channel partner – Microsoft

  • Have experience evaluating a landscape of delighted but lapsed clients to prioritize and reengage. 

  • Enjoy networking on behalf of their company.  They will be a believer in the services they sell and wants to see others benefit from engaging with their team.

How do I get in touch?

Interested candidates should reach out to Grant Zallis at