Product Leader


Socio was founded in 2016 by three friends and colleagues from Purdue University who had a vision of making more meaningful connections through technology.  We bootstrapped our way to profitability within 2 years.  Exponential growth is our norm. We’re talking 2000% growth YoY, with an unyielding dedication and focus on client delight, evidenced by an unheard-of Net Promoter Score of 83.  Today, Socio is the fastest growing and highest rated creator of customizable DIY branded mobile applications for the end-to-end management of events, conferences, and trade shows. A pure SaaS company, we are headquartered in Indianapolis with an R & D office in Istanbul.  Over the last couple of years, we have grown our team to over 50 people by working with clients like Microsoft, PepsiCo and Hyundai. When we launched our SaaS offering in 2016, we immediately noticed a huge gap in the events industry.  Companies spend $565 BILLION a year throwing and attending events but don’t understand the true ROI.  Our goal is to change that, closing the gap between live and digital marketing and overall customer acquisition and retention strategy. Though our growth has been fast, it has also always been responsible – through 2019, we have been able to profitably grow without taking on significant investment.  Realizing the market opportunity and need to accelerate growth, we recently partnered with two major investors to close our Series A round of funding.  This will allow us to make sizable investments and get to our long-term goals even faster.  With growth accelerating, we are looking to expand our leadership team to bring on a Head of Product.

When will I start?

Finding the right person is more important than getting someone quickly.  That said, we are ready for this person to start as soon as possible.    

Who will I report to?

This role will report directly to the CEO of Socio, Yarkin Sakucoglu.

Who will report to me?

While we have multiple engineering leads working with our CEO to make our product vision a reality, we don’t currently have a team of product managers.  This means on day one, you will be a team of one.  We would expect you to add on at least two new team members over the course of the next few months. 

What will I do?

The Head of Product will work directly with the CEO to establish and publish a product roadmap which broadens the depth of our current offerings while actively moving toward our long-term vision. Within one year, this individual will oversee the evolution of our core offering from its current state to become an end-to-end event management platform with a wide variety of use cases for event organizers.  

To accomplish this, the Head of Product will need to make the case for and ultimately scale the product organization.  As we have grown, we have expanded our engineering team. Now it’s time to invest in a true product organization that will allow us to have multi-threaded, simultaneous development on multiple extensions of the platform.  

As they grow the product organization, the Head of Product will be accountable for ensuring we stay nimble and focused on tangible results.  We have worked hard over the past couple of years to ensure there are well defined feedback loops between customers, internal stakeholders, and our development team.  Additionally, we have set up solid systems to measure the success of our product release.  The challenge to keep information flowing amongst these stakeholders and measure our impact will only increase as we grow.  The Head of Product will take this challenge head on, keeping the customer first and ensuring their needs and our plans to deliver are understood by everyone involved. 

 What will I make? 

Socio offers a highly competitive compensation package including base salary and significant equity incentives – we know the right person will already be compensated well and are realistic about the need to meet or exceed market expectations. We are happy to discuss specifics around base salary compensation and equity structure for this role with qualified candidates during the first interview.

What are the requirements?

The list is long, but we want to get it right. From a cultural perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Have experience working with multiple development teams on product lines that serve multiple user personas.

  • Can point to successfully deployed software products that are easy to use with a flawless UX and beautiful UI.

  • Be driven by the success and happiness of their customers.  They will be empathetic and able to easily put themselves in the shoes of others (internally and externally) to make product decisions based on what’s best for everyone.  They will be the type to seek out feedback and have a history of establishing formal channels to receive, vet, and publish that feedback.

  • Be a visionary with their head in reality – they will be able to point to experiences in their past where they have kept the long-term vision of the product alive while executing on the short- and medium-term roadmap.

  • Have a history of being a product evangelist – if we were to ask five people at their former company what the product roadmap looks like, we would want to get the same answers from all of them.

  • Be at a point in their career where they are eager to have ownership, work hard and make a big impact.  They will be capable of setting goals and best known for holding themselves and others (including leadership) accountable.

  • Have a history of leading the launch of new features and functions internally, and externally, driving consensus and excitement.  They should also have experience working with the teams on product marketing to ensure the message for clients is on point.

  • Have been part of a company that has scaled.  They will be the type to anticipate and tackle problems that sustain an organization for 10X growth.

  • Have experience working with international teams – is open minded, culturally sensitive and savvy in an international working environment.

From a technical perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Have owned the research, development, rollout, and implementation of a high value product roadmap.

  • Ideally, have familiarity managing design and development teams using tools like Sketch, Jira, Confluence, Zeplin, Figma, etc.

  • Be a skilled communicator – they will have a history of meeting with customers and translating their needs to a technical team.

  • Ideally, have an engineering background and have been in the shoes of the technical team to ensure requirements for making amazing products are clear and concise.

  • Have been responsible for creating a process that gives an engineering team the ability to prioritize work and keeps stakeholders informed.

  • Have a history of holding engineering teams accountable for shipping fantastic, ready-to-deliver product.

  • Be a practitioner of design thinking, having examples that demonstrate a deep respect and understanding for their customer, the importance of UX/UI and successfully addressing edge cases which resulted in flawless deployment.

How do I get in touch?

Interested candidates should reach out to Grant Zallis at