Vice President - Engineering


E-Commerce continues to grow exponentially which is a great thing for our clients.  Allbirds, Chubbies, BuzzFeed, Rhone and the 150+ brands we work with wouldn’t be who they are today without direct access to shoppers online.  At the same time, the amount of capital needed to do e-commerce well is rising.  Cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) is increasing, buyers are inundated with choices and major players like Amazon are dominating the market with one click purchasing, free shipping and returns.  It’s a dynamic market and Loop is here to help - we provide independent brands with the tools they need to compete with the biggest companies in the e-commerce space. 

Loop is a high growth B2B SaaS company focused today on solving the biggest pain point in e-commerce, returns.  We focus on two key areas:  First, we automate the work of returns.  We sync directly with our client’s e-commerce platform - providing a seamless experience for the company, the consumer and the logistics provider.  Second, we go beyond making returns easy.  Our clients get real time insight on consumers helping them understand why a return is happening.  This allows them to automatically reengage the consumer before they move on to the next thing.  We give our clients the tools to keep the consumers they fought so hard to attract in the first place, allowing them to build deeper brand loyalty, all while improving the economics of a sale.   

We’re at a critical point in our growth, building a platform that will serve thousands of merchants and millions of end users.  It’s safe to assume that we will triple in size over the next year.  With this rapid scale comes a need to bring on a strong leader of our software engineering team to manage and mentor the team, continue building a strong culture, all while planning and hiring for our growth. 

When will I start?

The sooner the better – this is a new role and we are eager to bring this person on-board ASAP.  That said, finding the right person is much more important to us than hiring someone quickly. 

Who will I report to?

 This role will report directly to the CEO, Corbett Morgan and work closely with the entire leadership team at Loop

Who will report to me?

You will have six direct reports, a mix of back-end, front-end, full stack engineers plus a team member focused on QA.  We expect this team to grow by another few engineers in the short term. 

What will I do?

This is a new role for Loop Returns.  We have been fortunate to build a team of intelligent, dedicated and hard-working engineers over the last year and a half.  That said, what got us here won’t get us to where we want to go.  Our goal with this document is to provide candidates the ability to understand what we hope they will accomplish in this role.  That in mind, there are a few key areas where we expect this person to focus as they look out 90, 180 and 365 days out. 

Team Structure and Scale

First, within the first few months the Vice President will have established a clear engineering team structure and culture that sets the team up for scale.  They will have implemented systems and processes (code reviews, sprint goal accountability, etc.) that ensure Loop Returns is building a best practices environment and have drawn up and started to execute on an investment strategy (including Support/DevOps, Security, Database Architecture, Infrastructure and Automation Solutions) for the next year.  They will need to develop strong relationships with other leaders in Loop to ensure that this strategy lines up clearly with the goals of the business.  Within the first three to six months, they will have hired additional high-impact team members and coached existing team members to be better solution architects and have clearly established themselves as a career coach and mentor to the team.

Goal Accountability and Communication

Second, they will be working with the Product lead and CEO to build a development road-map that complements the Product road-map.  They will have engineers focused on high value work and be able to explain business goals and tie them back to the members of the team.  They will make sure that the team understands the “Why?” behind their effort.   Additionally, this person will be more than an engineering team leader – they will also be a leader at the company and be able to articulate the value of engineering effort to the rest of the business.

Application Scalability

Last, within the first 90 days, they will have laid out and begun to execute on a plan that enables the scalability of our platform as we triple in revenue and grow our product suite over the next 12 months.  Additionally, they will be judicious, making the right investments with the team’s time – balancing solution prototypes vs. high-quality code, the need to architect vs. firefighting and immediately fixing bugs vs. creating automated solutions.

What will I make?

Loop Returns offers a competitive base salary, bonus structure and a significant equity package which we will discuss with qualified candidates during the initial interview.  It should be noted that we are located in Columbus, OH – it’s an amazing town and if we can’t find the right person here we are happy to assist with relocation expenses.    


All right, we know this list is a little long, but this is a big deal for us.  From a technical perspective, the right person should:

  • Be an experienced hiring manager and mentor with a track record of building teams in a growth stage business.  They will have been a manager of managers with a track record of hiring and retaining amazing software engineers.

  • Have a track record of explaining ROI to engineering team and be able to translate business objectives back to their team in a way that resonates.

  • Be able to translate complex technology effort into language that other stakeholders will understand. 

  • Have designed and owned an engineering road-map that has company-wide impact with provable ROI.

  • Be ready and able to work at the executive level to make strategic decisions that impact the entire company.

  • Be a comfortable player coach that can build credibility with an engineering team through their own knowledge and experience.

  • We’re not looking for a 100% match on experience or our stack but the ideal person will intellectually curious with some technical experience relevant to Loop Returns – SaaS built with LAMP/open source, experience with reactive frameworks (React, Angular) and cloud (AWS) tech.

  • Have demonstrated experience and interest in understanding end clients, taking the time to know the business as well as they know the capacity of their team.  They should see their role as solving client problems via engineering solutions.

From a cultural perspective, we are looking for someone who:

  • Is at a point in their career where they are eager to have ownership, work hard and make a big impact – is comfortable and experienced in setting personal and team accountabilities.

  • Has been part of a company that has scaled in a big way – thinks about solving problems that sustain Loop Returns for 10X growth and beyond.

  • Is excited when taken outside of their comfort zone and has demonstrated a passion for lifelong learning.

  • Is vulnerable and demonstrates a high degree of self-awareness.

  • Is empathetic and manages a team the way they need to be managed, not necessarily as s/he would want to be managed.

Interested candidates should reach out to Grant Zallis at grant@loopreturns.com or at grant@consultiar.com.