Senior Vice President and Managing Director, New York

About HarrisX

HarrisX is a market research, data analytics, and consulting company focused on the telecom, media, and personal technology industries. We run the largest syndicated consumer research trackers in the industry focused on wireless services and devices, OEMs, cable companies, ISPs, and related topics such as the emergence of 5G and consumer IOT, online privacy and data security, flagship device launches, go-to-market strategies and product pricing.  We deliver an agile and iterative research process that combines syndicated and custom research with our proprietary consumer behavior tracking technology and high-end industry expertise. Our team is nimble, interactive and leverages the latest technology and deep industry expertise to solve complex problems in real-time.

We joined the Stagwell Group of companies about two and a half years ago.  Led by agency and industry professionals, Stagwell is a group of best-in class organizations that were born and bred in a digital first era. These companies are not weighed down by legacy assets and are united in their desire to innovate, evolve, grow and deliver superior results for their clients.  As HarrisX grows, we are looking for a Senior Vice President (SVP) and New York Managing Director to join our team in New York. 

When will I start?

Finding the right person is more important than getting someone quickly.  That said, this is a critical role that we are eager to bring on to the team - the sooner the better. 

Who will I report to?

This role will report to the CEO of HarrisX , Dritan Nesho

Who will report to me?

This individual will be part of the leadership team at HarrisX and will manage a team of several direct reports. These individuals will support the SVP for project and analysis work.  Indirectly, the SVP will be a mentor to the entire New York team of over 10 employees who represent a variety of backgrounds including advanced analytics, product development and syndicated research.

What will I do?

The SVP role is an essential role at HarrisX.  It is important to note that, while we cast a big shadow in the industry, we act more like a startup than an established agency.  We are not married to a traditional approach to market research – we have access to the best data in the industry but it’s how we use that data that sets us apart.  As a leader at the firm, the SVP will be a key representative of that creative spirit, working with their team to develop deep relationships and game changing recommendations for clients. 

This individual will have a variety of responsibilities but their success over the first year will be largely dependent on a few key accomplishments.  First, they will be focused on growing the business through organic and new business development, particularly within key strategic accounts (e.g. major OEMs, Wireless, MSOs, and media content companies etc.).  The ideal person will have a research and analytics background and think of themselves as a client consultant, responsible for growth and long-term relationship development.  We expect this person to leverage existing client relationships and net new relationships to bring in two to three new projects within their first six months.  By the six-month mark, they should have a credible plan for growing and managing a sizable book of business over the upcoming 12 to 18 months.  As part of their plan, we would like to see this individual’s efforts reflect the diversity of our client base.  We have seen massive growth potential with well-known mobile applications and media streaming services and are interested in investing and empowering the SVP to further penetrate those markets. 

In order to meet the above goal, this individual will need to demonstrate a deep understanding of market research, data analytics, and our products and research tools.  There is a lot that we are capable of.  This individual should be ready to leverage their analytical skills, our unique set of products, the depth of our data, and their industry knowledge to be seen as consultative researcher by clients and the broader HarrisX team.  Ultimately, this means going beyond transactional research to be a trusted advisor at the most senior levels in client relationships.

Last, and equally important, this person should establish themselves as a trusted member of the HarrisX leadership team.  Within the first 90 days they should be seen as a thought leader and well respected by their peers.  They should also be a leader and mentor in the New York office, helping to maintain and develop the already positive culture that has been built.  Additionally, we expect the SVP to leverage their knowledge of the market and our products to bring new ideas to the table and influence our product road-map.    

What will I make?

HarrisX offers a highly competitive base salary and bonus structure.  We are happy to discuss specifics around compensation and bonus for this role with qualified candidates during the first interview.

What are the requirements?

It’s not a short list but we want to get it right.  From a cultural perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Be known as a friendly and likeable relationship builder.  They will have the ability and desire to build relationships in both large organizations (clients) and internally.

  • Have mentored and taught junior talent in the past.  They will be someone that people want to work for because he/she genuinely cares.

  • Be, at their core, entrepreneurial, demonstrating the ability to be adaptable and happy in a high growth, fast changing environment. 

  • Be comfortable owning their professional development path.  They will have demonstrated the ability to ask for others time and expertise to deepen their own knowledge.

  • Be ready to have a seat at the HarrisX Leadership table.  They will be someone who values collaboration and can make strategic decisions quickly once they have gathered information. 

  • Bring hard analytical skills to the table.  They will be intellectually curious and leverage that curiosity to pursue additional training and knowledge in areas that matter most to our clients.

  • Have a strong executive presence but be relatable.  They will be able to build relationships with management level stakeholders and analytical talent on their team. 

From a technical perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Be excited and comfortable being incentivized to build a business.  They will enjoy bringing in new business and be equally engaged with clients over the long term.   

  • Enjoy building ongoing relationships with clients to grow and nurture those relationships to their full potential.

  • Have proven their ability as a consultative researcher with knowledge of challenges faced by our clients and the most impactful ways to use data to solve those challenges. They will understand the importance of research design and the power of good analytics.

  • Be happiest when they get to creatively approach a complex problem and create a unique solution.  The right candidate will not bound by templates and be able to marry multiple, disparate data streams to develop an impactful story.

  • Have deep experience using secondary and primary data sources to advise clients.

  • Not be afraid to suggest never-been-done-before solutions to big problems.

  • Have a track record of being a trusted advisor all the way up to the C-level.  They will have clients that would want to follow them because of the insight they deliver.

  • Have a track record growing client relationships by acting as a trusted strategist.  They will be the type who thinks 1, 2 years out for clients not 1, 2 months out.

 How do I get in touch?

Interested candidates should reach out to Grant Zallis at grant@consultiar.com.