Senior Vice President, Reputation and Corporate Affairs Practice

About Harris Insights

Harris Insights & Analytics, is a global consulting and market research firm that delivers actionable intelligence for transformational times. We are known for “The Harris Poll”, one of the longest running surveys in the U.S. tracking public opinion, motivations and social sentiment. We work with clients in three primary areas: Reputation and Corporate Affairs, Performance and Tracking, and Public Relations and Thought Leadership. Our mission is to provide insights and advisory to help leaders make the best decisions possible.

Harris Insights and Analytics recently joined the Stagwell Group of companies about two and a half years ago.  Led by agency and industry professionals, Stagwell is a group of best-in class organizations that were born and bred in a digital first era. These companies are not weighed down by legacy assets and are united in their desire to innovate, evolve, grow and deliver superior results for their clients.  As Harris grows, we are looking for a Senior Vice President to join our Reputation and Corporate Affairs team. 

When will I start?

Finding the right person is more important than getting someone quickly.  That said, this is a critical role that we are eager to bring on to the team - the sooner the better. 

Who will I report to?

This role will report to the Managing Director of Global Reputation Measurement, Wendy Salomon.  While Wendy is based in Ithaca, NY we have a global network – the ideal candidate for this role will be based in Washington DC, Chicago, or New York though we are open to remote candidates if the fit is right.

Who will report to me?

This individual will be part the Practice leadership team but they will not be required to manage team members from a career perspective.  They will work with project teams who they will coach, mentor and manage on a client by client basis.  There is opportunity for this individual to manage direct reports long term if that is a specific interest/goal. 

What will I do?

The Senior Vice President role is a new position on the Reputation and Corporate Affairs team.  This team is at the intersection of culture and business.  Corporate reputation has gone from an ivory tower concept to dinner table conversation.  For our clients, their brand, reputation and success or failure are intrinsically linked.  We are the researchers and thought leaders who they trust to advise and guide them in this new reality.  The team is composed of about twenty team members who work with some of Harris’ largest long term, Fortune 100 clients on a variety of research and advisory engagements including:  Reputation strategy mapping, planning and risk valuation assessment, enterprise brand architecture analysis, reputation impact, thought leadership activation, newsroom and media strategy effectiveness. 

This individual will have a variety of responsibilities but their success over the first year will be largely dependent on a few key accomplishments.  First, they will be focused on growing the business through organic and new business development.  Harris is highly dedicated to the success of our clients – this individual will have the support of a broad, high-quality team of researchers that will assist with the details of project work.  The ideal person will have a research background but should primarily think of themselves as a client consultant, responsible for growth and long-term relationship development.  We expect this person to leverage existing client relationships and net new relationships resulting in two to three new projects within their first six months.  By the six-month mark, they should be able to lay out a credible plan for growing and managing a $2M book of business in the upcoming 12 months.  With a strong reputation in the market and our agency’s reach have access to a variety of client channels and MSAs that will give this person a solid set of opportunities to pursue. 

In order to accomplish the above growth goals, it is essential that this individual demonstrates the ability to go beyond transactional research with our clients.  We work on complex challenges – our clients look to Harris as more than researchers.  We are advisors who deeply care about the issues they face.  This individual should bring the same level of passion to their work, demonstrating the ability to be trusted partners at the senior most levels in their client relationships.  

Last, and equally important, this person must establish themselves as a trusted member of the Practice’s leadership team.  Within the first 90 days they should be seen as a thought leader and be well respected by their peers.  They should have a strong working relationship with the MD of their practice and leaders in similar roles in other practice areas.  It is important to note that growing talent from inside is important for our team.  As this person begins to bring in clients, they should be ready to leverage their experience with clients to motivate, mentor, develop and retain a high performing team of consultative researchers at all levels. 

What will I make?

Harris Analytics and Insights offers a highly competitive base salary and bonus structure.  We are happy to discuss specifics around compensation and bonus for this role with qualified candidates during the first interview.

What are the requirements?

It’s not a short list but we want to get it right.  From a cultural perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Be known as a friendly and likeable relationship builder and have the ability and desire to build relationships in both large organizations (clients) and internally.

  • Have mentored and taught junior talent in the past – is someone that people want to work for because she/he genuinely cares.

  • Have experience managing or working with a remote workforce.

  • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude and be intrinsically motivated to be successful and eager to be part of a growth story.

  • Have a history of being invested in their organizations’ success.

  • Be ready to have a seat at the Practice’s leadership table.  They will value collaboration and be able to make strategic decisions quickly once they have gathered information. 

  • Have proven experience contributing to strategic decision making outside of their functional area and be comfortable challenging leaders in a constructive manner to make the business better.

From a technical perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Have proven their ability as a creative, consultative researcher with knowledge of Reputation and Corporate Affairs solutions.  They will understand the importance of good research design, fieldwork and analysis though they will not necessarily need to be a hands-on practitioner day to day.

  • Have a track record of being a trusted advisor by clients all the way up to the C-level.  They will have clients that would want to follow them because of the insight they deliver.

  • Have a track record of being highly responsive and trustworthy and be known for following through on commitments.

  • Be comfortable and excited by new business development with proven experience building relationships to generate revenue.

  • Be able to grow client relationships by acting as a trusted strategist and will think 1, 2 years out for clients not 1, 2 months out.

  • Be happiest when they get to creatively approach a complex problem and create a unique research solution – not bound by templates.

  • Be creative when presented with complex client challenges.  They will not be be afraid to suggest never-been-done-before solutions to big problems.

How do I get in touch?

Interested candidates should reach out to Grant Zallis at grant@consultiar.com.