Research and Communications Associate

IAR is a leadership search firm focused on helping high growth technology companies solve their most complex talent challenges.  Traditionally, the process of executive search involved constant selling.  A consultant finds the most exciting candidate from their network and sells them on the position.  They go back to the client and sell them on the idea of the candidate.  The candidate comes in to meet with the team. The candidates sell themselves and the company sells the opportunity back to the candidate.  It’s a broken process and it’s not us.  We don’t sell, we make matches – and we do it well.   We dig deep on both sides – candidate and client – to fully understand needs, goals and values.  We find the missing piece then link things together to create something amazing.

We are selective about who we work with and take on 50% of the clients that come our way.  It’s not because we hate revenue – we are selective because it matters.   As an extension of our clients, it only makes sense to represent companies and cultures that we can get behind.  This idea is built into our core values – we only work with companies that we would personally go work for.  As a result, we have built a small, loyal and growing group of clients – 100% of them would recommend us and 80% have worked with us more than once.

Recruiting at IAR is not a transaction.  It is a process that involves a deep dive for insight, the development of a clear road map for action that leads to tangible results for our clients.  We have grown rapidly over the last two years and are looking for a new Research and Communications Associate to join our small, growing, high energy team. 

When will I start?

Finding the right person is more important than getting someone quickly.  That said, this is a vital role for and we are eager to get this individual on board as soon as possible.

Who will I report to?

This role will report directly to the Director of Research, Molly Keegan and work closely with the CEO, Grant Zallis

What will I make? 

IAR is highly transparent about compensation – salary and bonus structure for all employees are visible to the entire team.  The annual base salary for this role is $57,500.  Additionally, this role is eligible to receive an annual bonus equivalent to 10% of their base salary.

What will I do?

This role is deeply important to ensure that the team is successful on all our executive search assignments.  First and foremost, the Analyst will work closely with the Director and the CEO to participate in client kickoff meetings to develop a deep understanding of the roles we have been retained to find.  They will lead market research and outreach – identifying potential candidates and managing a creative outreach strategy.  We take candidate experience seriously and endeavor to approach all potential candidates on a personal level.  Rather than send out 1,000 emails and hope for a 10% response rate we identify the 100 best candidates, take time to research their background then meaningfully reach out.  We make our communication personal and, as a result, hear back from the majority and speak with the best.

Second, this person will need to be genuinely curious and suggest new ways to improve our research and outreach process.  We love to invest in technology and, whenever possible, we want technology to do the boring stuff and make all of our jobs more interesting.  This person should be at the forefront of that effort – exploring new processes and systems that make us a better executive search firm.  This individual will have a real seat at the table when it comes to internal decision making – they should be ready to own that responsibility and make their voice heard. 

Finally, as they demonstrate their ability to master the above skills, we want this person to make a big impact on how we market our business.  Ideally this individual will creative writer who has a genuine interest in talent strategy.  We would love to see them run our social media and online presence.  In addition, this individual ideally will work closely with the CEO to write and publish compelling thought leadership that is highly relevant to our clients – CEOs at high growth technology companies. 

What are the requirements?

It’s not a short list but we want to get it right.  The right candidate will:

  • Have previously worked at or with fast paced growth stage technology companies. This is extremely important – one of our biggest assets is our empathy – if you can understand the journey that growth stage company leader face you will be a great fit.

  • Be ready to work with a high degree of autonomy. You will work closely with the Director and have full access to the team but will be expected to hit the ground running and think quickly on your feet to resolve problems.

  • Have some experience on the talent (HR/Talent Acquisition) or business development side of a growing business.

  • Have demonstrated an interest in exploring technology to improve their job.  Ideally, they will have the ability to point to a time when they implemented a technology solution to decrease busy work or increase efficiency.

  • Be strongly motivated by the desire to build and learn having a track record of self-directed learning and demonstrated intellectual curiosity.  We almost always say yes to professional development even when it involves an investment.

  • Be highly detail oriented – the type of person who is annoyed by the misplaced commas in this job description will do well at IAR.

  • Some experience with LinkedIn Recruiter and/or Hiretual is a plus but not required.

From a cultural perspective, the right candidate will:

  • Like work.  Some people like work, some just show up.  We get it – work can sometimes be difficult.  There is a difference between not loving your job and fundamentally not enjoying work.  If you hate your current job that is OK, lets talk about it.  If you don’t like work this isn’t for you.  The right candidate will be motivated by doing good work with great people.

  • Be able to move quickly having demonstrated the ability to remove barriers with a sense of urgency, and a track record of encouraging others to do the same.

  • Be motivated by the prospect of being a very early stage member of a team – they will have the desire and drive to create and be creative.

  • Understand that each day will look different and be ready and excited by frequent change.

  • Be an honest and open communicator – we are a small team and 100% honest – both in our interactions with clients and with eachother.  Transparency is the name of the game. 

  • Read our core values and say – “I like that, those make a lot of sense to me.”

How do I get in touch?

Interested candidates should reach out to Molly Keegan at molly@consultiar.com.